Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dogs and Digging Holes

Oh no your latest patch of garden has erupted with doggie mounds of dirt .

To a dog Digging is rewarding and a natural thing to do .Some people feel it is a frustration and try to stop their dog from digging .DONT!!! a dog will see this as punishment .Donot verbally abuse ..

It breaks the trust between owner and their dog and is called displacement behavior.

You can build a sand pit for digging .It will be the dogs place to dig and a fun spot to. You can bury a treat ball filled with goodies or give you dog a bone and watch the action un fold. Dogs are quite funny when they dig .Looking to see who is watching .It is also a mental health issue for the dog and a great stress relief. The issue goes further with reinforcement and encouragement to your pet. Resulting in a win /win You happy and your pet happy  .

Ensure too your dog has exercise .If it is boredom causing the problem plenty of toys can help..

But remember the dogs play area must be a happy and enriching spot and the cause of the digging in the no doggie zone spots removed ..

Happy Back yards everyone   xx

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