Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet Hoarding

After watching a UK animal rescue show and began to think how Hoarding Starts. Does it innocently start as 1 pet and then manifest from a sense of duty. How rife is pet hoarding?

Animal hoarding is a mental health issue rather than a deliberate animal abuse. The person cannot understand that they are doing more harm than enough to the animal and feel unable to understand or part with the pet. They are classes as having

Delusional/ Compulsive obsessive disorder.

The most problematic thing is the Health issues for the animals involved which include

• Malnourishment

• Disease

• Mental health aggression in the animals

The owners generally neglect veterinary care and basic feeding and watering . Houses are often filled with up to a Hundred animals. These animals need to be assessed and re housed with suitable owners.

The most interesting thing I read was the effect of ZOONOTIC Disease which is defined as disease spread from Animals to Humans . They are

• Cat scratch fever

• Rabies

• Salmonella

• Hookworm /Ringworm

• Plague

• Respiratory Diseases

If a person is infected many tests will need to be done and house cleared sprayed and sanitised. The saddest part is this disorder can also raise concern for other family members. Fire and hazard safety and health issues all wrapped into one.

If you feel someone needs help call your local Authorities.