Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Add Greenery to Your Dog House

How to Add Greenery to Your Dog House

Very interesting Dog house too .. check out the video

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ring Worm

What is ring worm? Well to make it an easy definition it is a Fungus. Yes the ring appears as worm looking shape but it is fungal. A form of Tinea that can appear on Head ,Groin , and Foot area.

Ringworm can be found in children but can infect anyone .

The rings can be itch and scaly ..Quite nasty ..

What causes Ring worm ?

It generally passes on through soil/ animals and other people. The fungus spreads through lesion or cut in the skin. The fungus does thrive in wet /damp conditions . Yucky it may seem so avoid sharing unwashed clothes / swimming pool areas / brushes combs and I would say possibly the shower floors need to be cleaned with Bleach . Oh boy !!. You can infect your pet and vice versa .

Ensure you dry hands properly

Do not share towels

Dry in between toes

Wash hands after you have touched your pet

Incubation period is around 10-12Days

Detection of ringworm

Your vet is the expert on ringworm .The vet will use

Lamp (ultraviolet)



To analyse what is applicable to kill and cure your pet from the virus .If you are infected a trip to your doctor is required


Get advice from your vet . The most common treatment is


It is an antifungal drug for your dog / cat


Shampoos and Dips

These dips are lime sulphur based for your dog

Decontaminate the environment and ensure you bleach dogs kennel and cat bedding needs to be washed thoroughly

Your home needs to be vacuumed thoroughly and if possible steam cleaned as well

Hope this has been informative but always consult your vet . I have a range of products on my site both with treat cats and dogs

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Fact

Interesting cat fact !

Interesting cat fact !

Did You Know!.. This fact is really interesting and can be found in the web of life book .

All fully ginger cats are only ever male .The female are only ever either black or tortoiseshell

You might ask why is lucy (cat shown below) Ginger then .. Yes she is Ginger but has white as well ..she isnot fully ginger .. ( her mum would have been white and dad ginger .. because she has no black ?)A rare ginger female .. Yes I have encounter a fully ginger female cat . The most amazing thing was the distinct ginger rings on the tail.. How do I know you might ask ..Well ..My cat from when I was a teenager was named Dozzie and she was a rare ginger female cat picked up from the animal shelter by my brother . She lived 15 Years

To give some Biological background ..(I,m no geek )Animal such in man have Chromosomes and genetics that make up who we are .

xx female xy male..

Tortoiseshell cat have Ginger coloured dad and Black Mum if she mates with a black cat she will have black or tortiseshell daughter or an orange or black sons..

The reason is that coat colour is determined possibly because the coat colour is carried on x chromosome ..Hope this was informative .. catch you on twitter

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Shopping Bag

My Shopping Bag

You guessed it right .My Mum went shopping at IKEA. She was saying the word with some silly voice. I think she was just happy to have shopped. I like the new bed spread very trendy and comfy .She said that there was a really trendy Cat House too . I looked in the bag nothing !!. Well Human because you did not buy me the real thing I will use the bag as my house. I made myself comfortable enough and it was big enough too . It was a relaxing way to end the day that was for sure .. Lots of Love Lucy xx

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pet Services

Pets services for Holiday times

It is amazing what we need to think of when planning a holiday .One thing for sure is that your pet needs to be taken care of..
Putting your dog/cat in Kennels can seem upsetting but at least they will be safe.

You need to ensure

Vaccinations are up to date .This is the most important thing.. Thinking ahead is not silly .. Checking out the kennel facilities before you book you pet is important .

Check if there is

1. Sufficient water

2. Plenty of exercise areas

3. A back up plan if your pet gets sick

4. Plenty of shelter from sun and rain

Many people also call pet sitting services because they feel that there pet would be better in familiar surroundings

These services arrange

1. clean cat litter .

2. feed your cat or dog

3. walk them

4. play and give animal support in familiar surroundings

The above list of Australian services is amazing . Give your pet a safe holiday