Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night at the Football

Well Folks
What a beautiful night to go to the Gabba .The Swans played really well. Footy is such a part of Australian Life.Whether it be Rugby,Soccer.AFL .Crowds Gather and cheer on the Gallant gladiators on the Stadium Turf.Excitement erupts as the Teams run out through the Banner onto the Ground. It is as Aussie as Meat Pies ,Kangaroos and Holden Cars. Very 70s Video
Very Aussie..this video may explain  
Just a couple of Photos of the Brisbane River and the City Skyline and then a couple of Footy snaps xx
Lots of Love Angela

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dogs and Weight

After reading a few articles it is estimated 40percent of dog population is over weight

Not only does it affect Dogs but Cats too . Both domestic pets should have a vet consultation to help ensure there are no under lying problems. The vet will normally check for thyroid and metabolic problems

The major thing is to stop giving your Dog those tit bits . From experience family pets line up to each member of the house hold. Before you know it your dog has eaten part of 3 plates. Oh boy and should your dog be full Yes!! Feed your pet their food at same time you eat away from Dining table or outside .

Hearing the fridge door or the dog crunchies packet ..Does your pet come running ? Is hard to say no to them?. It is like us humans your pet can get love handles .Sorry to put it in that fashion. Try to say no

Another problem is the Gourmet or fussy dog eater . They may only eat what they now have a taste for but it is high in calories ( chicken liver icecream ,cookies ).  No!!

Try not to leave dry food out 24/7 this encourages the pet to snack all day and then not eat main meal

The best thing is to

Change to a Low calories dog food but reduce only by one third .. take portion down gradually

Plenty of exercise and encouragement

A supplement called DermCap and or omega acids can be added to diet to avoid skin irritations due to incorrect diet

Regular weigh ins to ensure Veterinary advice is help weight reduction.
Always consult with your Vet *******************************

A happy pet will mean your pet will live longer ..
"The ideal dog food would be a ration that tastes like a postman." -Anonymous

`Women Using HRT Creams, Sprays, Patches and Gels: Could You be Endangering Your Pet’s Health? » The Pet Health Care Gazette`

`Women Using HRT Creams, Sprays, Patches and Gels: Could You be Endangering Your Pet’s Health? » The Pet Health Care Gazette`

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its a New Day

© copyright    I have penned these word lyrics   I,m Not musically minded for the music to go with it

How can we heal this world when hate and discriminate are words that dominate
Time heals but dont want to see us caught in any unpleasant deals.
Give all you got to love and affection there should be no deflection.
Dont Curse or gripe and show no spiteful feelings when we need to have love in the world.

Chorus : It’s a new day to be happy and gather some Sun

It’s a New day to push those Grey Clouds away

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Its real emotion

Its real emotion this time

How on earth did I not see the sadness within me
Try to break the chains that hold tight.
Turn on the light that can Guide you.
A big wide world world is there for you
Your Destiny is you so turn the key and bring about the change

Chorus: It’s a new day to be Happy and gather somes Sun

It’s a new day to push those grey clouds away

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Its real Emotion

Its real Emotion this Time

Often we hear that things cannot change
All I can tell you is that it is a commotion of spirit .
Its strange to commit to a new feeling
Relax and you will find love and a new beginning
Dont give up and falter be a believer in yourself

Its real emotion this time

Its real emotion so Strong with Love

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Danish Donuts

Hi All
Some photos of my attempt at Danish Donuts . Please dont judge to harshly. They went down a treat  and were Yummy !!    xx Angela  

Importance of Pets

Having had many pets .I feel it has given me a sense of
1.Responsibilty Pets are part of a family and need looking after just like all other members of the family . Focus is on not just my self .
2.Compassion . That if someone or another animal is injured we should help and care.
2.Love Pets will give all of us Love . People say they are less lonely.
3.Admiration. This is the biggest asset . No matter what situation is occurring our pets look up to you under all circumstances . I am totally amazed the way Guide dogs /Policedogs/ Repatriation or Care Dogs are trained to serve us .
4. Relaxation .People love fish for this reason. Just the fish swimming is a calming effect. That special time to relax with a coffee on the sofa with your cat or dog next to you . Pets really can relax and I love them for that .
The most amazing thing about our pets is that they can sense when you are not well and tell you they are going to miss you .The morning cuddles and the wait at the window or gate confirms this.
I can not help but to pat my cat when I get home. It is such a good feeling. That motor mower purr of your cat or that tail wag from your dog is so fun.
The biggest asset of a pet is the social contact we have at the Park when dogs are walked. Also websites and forums ,Twitter and FaceBook are great ways to meet people with pets and to talk and interact.
The fitness component is a big issue too. Having a dog in the family gets us out and about .ie Looking for a nice picnic spot or river walk etc
Pets are amazing .
If you can adopt a pet
Check out your local Animal shelter and give a dog or Cat a new home .