Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet Hoarding

After watching a UK animal rescue show and began to think how Hoarding Starts. Does it innocently start as 1 pet and then manifest from a sense of duty. How rife is pet hoarding?

Animal hoarding is a mental health issue rather than a deliberate animal abuse. The person cannot understand that they are doing more harm than enough to the animal and feel unable to understand or part with the pet. They are classes as having

Delusional/ Compulsive obsessive disorder.

The most problematic thing is the Health issues for the animals involved which include

• Malnourishment

• Disease

• Mental health aggression in the animals

The owners generally neglect veterinary care and basic feeding and watering . Houses are often filled with up to a Hundred animals. These animals need to be assessed and re housed with suitable owners.

The most interesting thing I read was the effect of ZOONOTIC Disease which is defined as disease spread from Animals to Humans . They are

• Cat scratch fever

• Rabies

• Salmonella

• Hookworm /Ringworm

• Plague

• Respiratory Diseases

If a person is infected many tests will need to be done and house cleared sprayed and sanitised. The saddest part is this disorder can also raise concern for other family members. Fire and hazard safety and health issues all wrapped into one.

If you feel someone needs help call your local Authorities.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snail Bait and Pesticides

Snail Bait and Pesticides

After watching Tuesday nights Television and having to spray for Termites it made me aware to ask the Question . How Safe is the product I am using ? Look online or see if your vet has a List to help you.

Pet poisoned by snail bait … (Television show episode)

I could not believe and the poor owner could not believe how quick the poor little Labrador pup began having convulsions and salivating at the mouth. The Vet was onto the case straight away. He checked the dogs Temperature first and knew straight away the stomach had to be pumped. The dog did sick up the grass and snail bait pallets but was given anaesthetic to ensure stomach could be pumped completely. The next step was charcoal mix to soak up the poison. Doggie recovered but what a scare. Pets will get into anything . has very informative information on pesticide use

Some tips I have thought of

• Do inventory of the most dangerous products in your house . Put them into a store away safe container with sealable lid . Put this container up high or out in the shed.

• Walk around your property and check if there are any lose bit of garbage or packets/ bottles floating around blown by the wind etc

• Make sure your rubbish bin is not in any easy accessible spot. An idea is to lock it in the garage or shed and wheel it out on the day of collection.

It is a hard thing to determine what a pet will do if they are inquisitive but be alert for

• Convulsions

• Listlessness

• Overheating

• No eating or drinking

Some harmful products are
rat poisons, antifreeze, gasoline, kerosine, ibuprofen, lime, paint thinner

Tylenol, rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, chocolate, deodorant, and soap.
The biggest problem for the diagnosis is generally How much has the Dog or cat Digested?. a blood test will be done to see toxidity levels . If possible take the eaten packet or product bottle with you .It is sad and very worrying fact too that some people purposely throw baits and other toxic substances over fences because they feel your dog is noisy etc. If this is occuring contact your local police. It is again a different issue to you looking after your garden but be aware.

Consult your vet immediately **** Safe gardening experience for you and your pet .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Albino Animals

Albino Animals

My earliest image of an albino animal are the mice and rats use in laboratories Many albino animals such as mice and rats are often used as testing Laboratory animals. The first case of rats to be bred and used in Laboratories was in 1828. Many Albino rabbit were used for the Draize test. Sadly wild albino animals survival rate are low because they lack the Camouflage they require.

These animals are white with no colour at all . The eyes are red. They are known as Dondo or White albino.

The sad thing for Albino Cats and Dogs they are seen as inadequate or not genetically right.

The most noticeable thing is that these animals lack colour pigmentation and have other medical problems. It is a defect in the production of the enzyme needed for pigmentation.

These problems are Genetic. These pets will be confined to inside life

• Will be possibly of being blind and deaf

• And prone to cancer

• Its hard for them to be in the sun

It is advisable to

• buy a pair of doggles( doggy sunglasses)

• good doggy sunscreen

• donot breed your dog or cat

The most common breed of cat to have albino offspring are the Siamese cat. It was interesting to note that there are some albino Samoyeds ,albino German Shepherds. Please keep in touch with your vet from when you bring you pet or suspect your pet you want to buy is albino..

Hope this information is helpful xx Angela

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dog Obedience

The most Important things when looking at a Dog training is its behaviour.

The first thing I would ask myself is How much time and effort do I have for Dog training and why do dogs need training.

Having a good mannered dog makes the dog happier and fun for you as the owner. An Untrained dog is no fun if it cannot socialise or be patient around people and other dogs.

I would want my dog to

Come when called

Be housetrained

Not rush through the door

Not pull on the Lead


Another point to consider is what is involved in training and when to start. The most appropriate time is 7 weeks of age . Remember that like Humans dogs have growing phases like we do. How a dog will relate and be trained is due to

The need to socialise

And the Trust Factor

The most important factor is consistency and determine what drive your dog has .

Is it Prey Pack or Defense drive? . You can do a profile or seek a dog Obedience or doggy school that will help you. Check at your shelter/Vet or your phone directory/Internet for listings.

Remember the dogs breed and Natural instincts can cause problems. As an example my dog many years ago named Lucky was Kelpie. Well to say she wanted to round things up was an understatement. She had Prey Drive. The best thing I found was to distract her with throwing stick balls . Full attention. This generally bought her back to Pack Drive.

Sometimes I thought it was who was training whom. Some things were annoying but were Rushing first toward the door.. No way I hated it !!!

I bought a harness . She knew that unless the harness was put on no going out the door meant no walks or car ride . Worked a charm . Yes talking to her and settling her. It took a bit but she was excellent in the car and on the leash .

Learning sit and stay were critical as she was a big dog . Dinner time was no problem.

But please remember any Animal shelter doggies can have


Seperation Anxiety


Lucky was in the Shy Category ..but her doggie trips and love from our family she was confident dog..

Well Successful training to all .. and hope this was a general help but always get expert advice on training issues

XOXO Angela

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ring Worm

What is ring worm? Well to make it an easy definition it is a Fungus. Yes the ring appears as worm looking shape but it is fungal. A form of Tinea that can appear on Head ,Groin , and Foot area.

Ringworm can be found in children but can infect anyone .

The rings can be itch and scaly ..Quite nasty ..

What causes Ring worm ?

It generally passes on through soil/ animals and other people. The fungus spreads through lesion or cut in the skin. The fungus does thrive in wet /damp conditions . Yucky it may seem so avoid sharing unwashed clothes / swimming pool areas / brushes combs and I would say possibly the shower floors need to be cleaned with Bleach . Oh boy !!. You can infect your pet and vice versa .

Ensure you dry hands properly

Do not share towels

Dry in between toes

Wash hands after you have touched your pet

Incubation period is around 10-12Days

Detection of ringworm

Your vet is the expert on ringworm .The vet will use

Lamp (ultraviolet)



To analyse what is applicable to kill and cure your pet from the virus .If you are infected a trip to your doctor is required


Get advice from your vet . The most common treatment is


It is an antifungal drug for your dog / cat


Shampoos and Dips

These dips are lime sulphur based for your dog

Decontaminate the environment and ensure you bleach dogs kennel and cat bedding needs to be washed thoroughly

Your home needs to be vacuumed thoroughly and if possible steam cleaned as well

Hope this has been informative but always consult your vet . I have a range of products on my site both with treat cats and dogs

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Fact

Interesting cat fact !

Interesting cat fact !

Did You Know!.. This fact is really interesting and can be found in the web of life book .

All fully ginger cats are only ever male .The female are only ever either black or tortoiseshell

You might ask why is lucy (cat shown below) Ginger then .. Yes she is Ginger but has white as well ..she isnot fully ginger .. ( her mum would have been white and dad ginger .. because she has no black ?)A rare ginger female .. Yes I have encounter a fully ginger female cat . The most amazing thing was the distinct ginger rings on the tail.. How do I know you might ask ..Well ..My cat from when I was a teenager was named Dozzie and she was a rare ginger female cat picked up from the animal shelter by my brother . She lived 15 Years

To give some Biological background ..(I,m no geek )Animal such in man have Chromosomes and genetics that make up who we are .

xx female xy male..

Tortoiseshell cat have Ginger coloured dad and Black Mum if she mates with a black cat she will have black or tortiseshell daughter or an orange or black sons..

The reason is that coat colour is determined possibly because the coat colour is carried on x chromosome ..Hope this was informative .. catch you on twitter

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Shopping Bag

My Shopping Bag

You guessed it right .My Mum went shopping at IKEA. She was saying the word with some silly voice. I think she was just happy to have shopped. I like the new bed spread very trendy and comfy .She said that there was a really trendy Cat House too . I looked in the bag nothing !!. Well Human because you did not buy me the real thing I will use the bag as my house. I made myself comfortable enough and it was big enough too . It was a relaxing way to end the day that was for sure .. Lots of Love Lucy xx

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pet Services

Pets services for Holiday times

It is amazing what we need to think of when planning a holiday .One thing for sure is that your pet needs to be taken care of..
Putting your dog/cat in Kennels can seem upsetting but at least they will be safe.

You need to ensure

Vaccinations are up to date .This is the most important thing.. Thinking ahead is not silly .. Checking out the kennel facilities before you book you pet is important .

Check if there is

1. Sufficient water

2. Plenty of exercise areas

3. A back up plan if your pet gets sick

4. Plenty of shelter from sun and rain

Many people also call pet sitting services because they feel that there pet would be better in familiar surroundings

These services arrange

1. clean cat litter .

2. feed your cat or dog

3. walk them

4. play and give animal support in familiar surroundings

The above list of Australian services is amazing . Give your pet a safe holiday

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dogs and Digging Holes

Oh no your latest patch of garden has erupted with doggie mounds of dirt .

To a dog Digging is rewarding and a natural thing to do .Some people feel it is a frustration and try to stop their dog from digging .DONT!!! a dog will see this as punishment .Donot verbally abuse ..

It breaks the trust between owner and their dog and is called displacement behavior.

You can build a sand pit for digging .It will be the dogs place to dig and a fun spot to. You can bury a treat ball filled with goodies or give you dog a bone and watch the action un fold. Dogs are quite funny when they dig .Looking to see who is watching .It is also a mental health issue for the dog and a great stress relief. The issue goes further with reinforcement and encouragement to your pet. Resulting in a win /win You happy and your pet happy  .

Ensure too your dog has exercise .If it is boredom causing the problem plenty of toys can help..

But remember the dogs play area must be a happy and enriching spot and the cause of the digging in the no doggie zone spots removed ..

Happy Back yards everyone   xx

Check out 'StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Pet Toy' by StarMark

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night at the Football

Well Folks
What a beautiful night to go to the Gabba .The Swans played really well. Footy is such a part of Australian Life.Whether it be Rugby,Soccer.AFL .Crowds Gather and cheer on the Gallant gladiators on the Stadium Turf.Excitement erupts as the Teams run out through the Banner onto the Ground. It is as Aussie as Meat Pies ,Kangaroos and Holden Cars. Very 70s Video
Very Aussie..this video may explain  
Just a couple of Photos of the Brisbane River and the City Skyline and then a couple of Footy snaps xx
Lots of Love Angela

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dogs and Weight

After reading a few articles it is estimated 40percent of dog population is over weight

Not only does it affect Dogs but Cats too . Both domestic pets should have a vet consultation to help ensure there are no under lying problems. The vet will normally check for thyroid and metabolic problems

The major thing is to stop giving your Dog those tit bits . From experience family pets line up to each member of the house hold. Before you know it your dog has eaten part of 3 plates. Oh boy and should your dog be full Yes!! Feed your pet their food at same time you eat away from Dining table or outside .

Hearing the fridge door or the dog crunchies packet ..Does your pet come running ? Is hard to say no to them?. It is like us humans your pet can get love handles .Sorry to put it in that fashion. Try to say no

Another problem is the Gourmet or fussy dog eater . They may only eat what they now have a taste for but it is high in calories ( chicken liver icecream ,cookies ).  No!!

Try not to leave dry food out 24/7 this encourages the pet to snack all day and then not eat main meal

The best thing is to

Change to a Low calories dog food but reduce only by one third .. take portion down gradually

Plenty of exercise and encouragement

A supplement called DermCap and or omega acids can be added to diet to avoid skin irritations due to incorrect diet

Regular weigh ins to ensure Veterinary advice is help weight reduction.
Always consult with your Vet *******************************

A happy pet will mean your pet will live longer ..
"The ideal dog food would be a ration that tastes like a postman." -Anonymous

`Women Using HRT Creams, Sprays, Patches and Gels: Could You be Endangering Your Pet’s Health? » The Pet Health Care Gazette`

`Women Using HRT Creams, Sprays, Patches and Gels: Could You be Endangering Your Pet’s Health? » The Pet Health Care Gazette`

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its a New Day

© copyright    I have penned these word lyrics   I,m Not musically minded for the music to go with it

How can we heal this world when hate and discriminate are words that dominate
Time heals but dont want to see us caught in any unpleasant deals.
Give all you got to love and affection there should be no deflection.
Dont Curse or gripe and show no spiteful feelings when we need to have love in the world.

Chorus : It’s a new day to be happy and gather some Sun

It’s a New day to push those Grey Clouds away

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Its real emotion

Its real emotion this time

How on earth did I not see the sadness within me
Try to break the chains that hold tight.
Turn on the light that can Guide you.
A big wide world world is there for you
Your Destiny is you so turn the key and bring about the change

Chorus: It’s a new day to be Happy and gather somes Sun

It’s a new day to push those grey clouds away

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Heah Yeah its you Yes You

Its real Emotion

Its real Emotion this Time

Often we hear that things cannot change
All I can tell you is that it is a commotion of spirit .
Its strange to commit to a new feeling
Relax and you will find love and a new beginning
Dont give up and falter be a believer in yourself

Its real emotion this time

Its real emotion so Strong with Love

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Danish Donuts

Hi All
Some photos of my attempt at Danish Donuts . Please dont judge to harshly. They went down a treat  and were Yummy !!    xx Angela  

Importance of Pets

Having had many pets .I feel it has given me a sense of
1.Responsibilty Pets are part of a family and need looking after just like all other members of the family . Focus is on not just my self .
2.Compassion . That if someone or another animal is injured we should help and care.
2.Love Pets will give all of us Love . People say they are less lonely.
3.Admiration. This is the biggest asset . No matter what situation is occurring our pets look up to you under all circumstances . I am totally amazed the way Guide dogs /Policedogs/ Repatriation or Care Dogs are trained to serve us .
4. Relaxation .People love fish for this reason. Just the fish swimming is a calming effect. That special time to relax with a coffee on the sofa with your cat or dog next to you . Pets really can relax and I love them for that .
The most amazing thing about our pets is that they can sense when you are not well and tell you they are going to miss you .The morning cuddles and the wait at the window or gate confirms this.
I can not help but to pat my cat when I get home. It is such a good feeling. That motor mower purr of your cat or that tail wag from your dog is so fun.
The biggest asset of a pet is the social contact we have at the Park when dogs are walked. Also websites and forums ,Twitter and FaceBook are great ways to meet people with pets and to talk and interact.
The fitness component is a big issue too. Having a dog in the family gets us out and about .ie Looking for a nice picnic spot or river walk etc
Pets are amazing .
If you can adopt a pet
Check out your local Animal shelter and give a dog or Cat a new home .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydrobath Benefits

Benefits of Doggie Hydrobath

Dirt and debris accumulates on the pets coat . A treatment or pet shampoo will be used while washing takes place . The one thing that owners need to be mindful off is drying of skin. This can lead to allergies.

Most Hydrobaths are done generally every month .

The good thing is that any lumps irritations flea problems can be combated and checked at this time .Check with your vet and ensure you have the right shampoo for your dog .

High pressure water is used to clean the coat but hopefully retain the gloss and natural state . Water can be heated or cooled .The stimulation is great for blood circulation and Muscle fatigue.

They can come in various sizes Mid for small dogs Standard - and commercial tubs ..

Happy Bathing   ....

After reading a few Facebook Comments it seems smaller dogs really should be hand bathed in smaller trough or sink as the noise of the bath can scare them .

The flea treatment is arranged after the Hydrobath itself .

If the dog is reluctant to have the bath a gentle reassurance and a doggie treat afterwards can ease the fear

Many wash services provide all doggie  coat conditioning ,nail cutting etc   .Really the total works for your dog .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camping Trip

boondoomabjelke damview at winery view at picnic grounddairy museumlavenderkangiecherbourgolives
The Camping Trip was short but fun. We camped at the Bjelke Peterson Dam North West of Brisbane. There was wine tasting Cheese Tasting  a visit to the lavender Farm The Dairy Museum. Purchased some VerJuice,Butterscotch Liquior and real Lavender oil and Incense Stick ,cheese . All the Nice stuff . The idea of a Barbie (thats not the doll ) was to tempting .It was  heated up and some steak and Sausages cooked together to eat with the salad and Cheese was yummy.The wine.. Heaven!!.. The nights were cold but in the morning we were visited by the Magpies for breakfast . As usual they do the camp rounds to see what they can gather up food wise . The local people were friendly making it a really nice place to stay  .We also visited Boondooma Dam further west again approx 60kms.As we approached the lookout a mother Kangaroo and her baby were sitting quietly. I was quite surprised as it was really only mid afternoon  We also visited the Aboriginal town of Cherbourg.It was fairly self sufficient town but alcohol restrictions .. I have to say a relaxing trip. It is very dry but the the olives and peanut groves gave a green background..
Hope you enjoy the Photos  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whale Watching

Well What a day !!
Fantastic . The whales where a bit quiet  no breaching but still a magnificent animal all the same .The masters of the ocean . The Trip over on the Ferry was great and the Resort itself  Beautiful . A very Tiring Day but worth the effort . Please enjoy my Photos and Videos  xx Angela

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pet Sunscreen

Sunsreen for Pets

Having been tweeted the question by a Twitter Friend

@PetDogShop should I put sunscreen on my beagles tum as she sunbathed

The answer was yes. The most prone sun burn spots for our Pets are

Tips of the ears



Recently clipped Pets

Please ensure that the cream is for Pets and does not contain Zinc Dioxide that is Harmful to Pets. There is no need to put over areas that have fur as it is a natural protection .The main benefits is to stop the onset of Tumors or Cancer .

Most sunscreen recommend to apply 20minutes before going out in the sun .This allows the lotion or spray to soak in and not be licked. Also putting sunscreen on your hand and then applying the lotion is good .If the dog is going in and out of water reapply at intervals.

**** sunscreen for cats ******* I have attached the following article

Consult your vet if any concerns

Happy Doggie sun days xx

Great deal on 'Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)' by Doggles

Friday, July 2, 2010

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Lucy and the Gecko

Hi Friends
Little did I know that there was a Gecko inside the House . All Craziness broke lose my Human Dad saying "leave the Poor thing Alone " Mum ready with Bucket and Broom . Gee and I though I made a racket up ontop of the wall unit .Up there as quick as a flash. I sat and watched that Geckie .. Dont you Worry I was doing us Cats proud ready to fly and swipe . Alas mum was able to get the Gekkie into a bucket safely outside . Yeah but until tommorows Saga . I am Queen of the Gekkie Chase .. XX Lucy Cat

DAP Hormone treatment ..

DAP Dog Pheromone

This is a Dog hormone that can help reduce

• Anxiety

• Noise Fears

• Assimilate an adult dog or Puppy into your new home

• Toilet Problems

Check with your Vet first to ensure this will help and have the symptoms checked first. Map out a plan with the Vet First .

How is Dap Used

It is a plug in diffuser that lasts approx a month. Ensure it is plugged in near your dogs living area .It is oil based and should not be to near any furniture etc.

The unit is for inside use only .Try to keep your dog near to the unit as much as possible to gain maximum benefits.

Or Collar

The Collar has the hormone embedded into it .Collars are adjustable and can be fitted easily .

Collar will not work when situation is windy and or wet .

It is though sometimes only effective in treatment of 70% of cases ****

I hope this is of help to your Dog ..

Check out this Amazon deal: 'D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs...' by CSC HIGH PLAINS

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dog beds

Check out 'New Large Dog or Cat Pet Bed Beds for Dogs - QUALITY!' by Pit Bull

Check out 'Corner Dog Bed with Bolster XXL 44" x 64" x 44"' by Caddis

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Neutering of your Pet

Why Neutering?.

Neutering has many benefits .It stops unwanted pregnancies and also decreases aggression due to androgen or testosterone in the male dog.The operation is generally completed before the puppy is one year old . This gives added benefits to the dog. Neutering is seen as a medical help and behavioral help

Also dogs who have been neutered donot roam and search for females on heat . Dogs can sense an "ON Heat" female from many miles away and respond if  un neutered . The only way to keep a dog when unneutered at this time is chained and for behavioral reasons not fair . The stress is taken away if a dog is neutered .
The concentration side of the neutering is the most important as your dog will respond to your stimuli such as training and commands .They willnot be distracted by Female Hormone

Medical Benefits

No Tumors .
Less prostrate problems
Hernias   in older unneutered dogs

Consult your vet with any questions regarding your puppies operation and recovery time .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good Morning (Moir Sisters

Wow I just remembered this song " Good Morning(How Are You?" Moir Sisters love it xx ♫

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working Police Dogs

( I love this photo Line up of Police dogs and a cat )

Some doggies do earn a living. Police dogs in particular. Most Police dogs are German Shepherd , Rottweiler & Labrador . They are purchased at a cost of around $2500 but now a breeding program has taken place.Assessment takes place at 16 weeks During this time the dogs are imprinted with noises such as shopping centres guns, etc for them to be come familiar . Each fortnight they are taken back to the kennels and are fully assessed at 15 months for suitablilty. A further 14 weeks are then arranged so handlers can become familiar and work together .

Even police dogs have to pass obedience training . These dogs have to sniff out bodies, explosives ,drugs
These dogs are there in line of duty to ensure safety and help in crime prevention.

These dogs spend at least 7 to 10 years with their handler .Partners Yeah you bet .

Inspector Rex is the most famous T.V cop dog ..

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Latest Lucy Photos

Hi All
Well I have to entertain myself so bowling is my latest thing . On top of the fridge is Mum and Dads water bottles . Getting onto the fridge I proceed with the paw swipe and Strike!!.. So far 2 Strikes and 1 spare Dad caught me in the act..I was hungry too..Mum Says I act like Carmen Miranda sometimes .. Yeah Maracas and all..

Lots of Love Lucy   >^..^<     xxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pets and Holidays

When taking a pet away on a holiday we often think gee " They are with us all the time nothing can happen .

Camping ...

Check if pets are allowed at the campsite etc before taking off .You may see a nice spot but are animals allowed ?.

Accidents do happen .Ensure you have a local vet number handy .If possible a basic kit of a bandage . tape/ pre prescribed diarrhea and nausea tablets from the vet .

Try not to give too much food if your pet is excited about the trip as they could get bloat and or diarrhea etc . They are in unfamiliar surroundings . Even the best traveler can get sick .

Campfires are often a cause for burns from the wood and ashes .Also be aware of snakes or other nasties such as ticks . Even tiredness from swimming a lot can be fatal . Ensure your pet has enough rest after excitement and play . I would put the pet rug and or dog blanket in the car and put your pet in there to sleep for a while in the quiet .

Have plenty of fresh water and the pets own food handy .Resist giving treats .Try to keep mealtimes normal as possible

Keep the Lead handy . Dogs can become territorial even in an unfamiliar place .They have your smell and their smell .. Their spot…

Caravan Parks.

Yes book ahead and check if animals are allowed .Most Shire Council or Municipal information centres have maps and books . Most require pets to be on a leash when being walked in the Caravan Park  grounds .

Remember :

Dog Harness

Dog lead

Dog Toys

Dog Food

Dog blanket / Bed

Pet insurance Papers. Dog collar and tags around neck are secure ..

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Gekkie Night Patrol

Hi Cat Friends
Might I say patrolling for Gekkies is hard . I have to sit patiently and also be ready to get going to chase. Mum Took these photos of my time outside chasing them .. Nearly Doing a Hammy (and thats not a Hammy Hamster) flying up the flywire isnot a good Idea . I even have to go into the Garage at night to chase them as well.. Damn Lizards ..Well More Lucy fun to come xx 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Friday, April 16, 2010


After watching a fantastic show on SBS about the Desert Dwelling People It made me want to blog about this topic. These people actually hand made their Camels muzzle out of grasses to stop the camels from overeating on the trip through the Desert to the Market . Very Interesting .

Back to talking about Dog Muzzles . It seems the earliest record of talk about Muzzles is 1835

Muzzles are primarily use to stop animals from biting . Sometimes it isnot through aggression but injury . A dog may need to where a muzzle to stop biting after surgery etc. Muzzles can be made from leather and or nylon strap. Muzzles for Greyhounds are generally wire . It should slip around snuggly but allow the dog to breath freely . Some Muzzles are even padded and or allow your dog to eat and drink.

A Vet or Pet store Professional will help you fit the right muzzle to help your dog with the training predicament of concern you have .

It will mean that your dog can socialize and be happy . Oh if any of your friends feel uptight when they come round to visit . Pop on a Muzzle . Its not mean it is a safety thing ..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Break ( Camping)

 Hi All
Hope you had a beautiful and safe easter break . Our Camping trip was to a beautiful spot near Warwick approx 2 hours from Brisbane .Great spot . Also travelled to Queen Mary Falls and had a Counter Lunch at Killarney Pub.. Really Relaxed and believe me there were alot of people at the camping grounds but it was great to see everyone relaxing. The corn and sunflowers made a really lovely green and yellow background between the falls and where we were staying xx(the sunset shot was the view from my camp spot)  xx Angela

Friday, March 26, 2010


A picture of lucky .. beautiful fun dog miss her heaps . She had back injury and had to be put to sleep..June 2001 . Dozzie my cat died a few months before from old age .. Will I look for another dog ?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pet Arthritis

As we all know humans do eventually get sore joints aches and pains .We can tell our doctor but what if your cat or dog suddenly shows stiffness and immobility. The thing is to have it diagnosed by the vet. They will do a full examination to ensure it is not any other problem other than Arthritis. It does not mean no quality of life for your pet. The most common trouble spots for both cats and dogs are Knees Ankle and elbow joints. The vet will determine the kind of Arthritis and symptoms may be helped through diet and Exercise and medication.

Some tips I have read that may help our pets are ..

Keep pet warm . Bedding can be on a slightly raised surface away from draft ..Bean bags and old mattress work well.

Put a nice warm water bottle wrapped in a towel under the bedding.

Be aware or wet floors and stairs . These are problems were pets may fall ..

Make a doggie or cat ramp for them to use ie to get off sofa or ( Dogs) out of car .

Diet and weight management

Give cats a good groom as they cannot wash as they use to..

Some pet owners are resorting to Acupunture and massage but your vet is the most experienced person to help you . There are many helpful website too

I agree. Don’t rush an older pet they just need extra time to get around .

Happy older pets !!!

blogs/ websites of note

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dogs Paws Health

After arranging my own foot spa treatment I thought about the sore paws my doggie friends must get with all the hard concrete, stone paths , etc .

Not only are there only hot condition where it is so nasty on dogs paws (the concrete and bitumen) but cold conditions as well .

Hot Conditions

When there are hot conditions check for signs of your dog refusing to walk limping or excess chewing of their paws. This is a sign of burnt paws. Walk your dog if possible on grass and or lift them to transport . Blistering may occur. Always consult your vet if concerned .Ointments are readily available to massage into your dogs feet. (Check labels for application instructions) .Along with Dog Shoes your summer dog walks should be a breeze.

Cold Conditions

I remembered as well that in countries where there is snow salt is used and would be quite painful on cracked paws .After reading : Alternative are to use ointment or petroleum jelly to stop re freezing of snow between the paws. (Check labels for application instructions )Dog shoes that can be purchased are of benefit to the healing process. I have also read that it is worth while washing your pets paws in warm water to clear any bacteria and or chemicals.

The main thing is to be vigilant in checking how your dog is walking etc.

If your dogs paws are inflamed don’t go walking, Rest up and or see your Vet . They can give expert care when needed.

Happy Walkies

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seafarers and there Love of Animals

Have been today to the amazing exibition of photographs of pets that lived on boats between
1900 and 1950 .. absolutely amazing .Cats in particular were a very important part of sea life due to their hunting skills and the need for mice control on boats.All the animals took pride and place in the photos and there were alot with the cat on the Captains lap looking the most special pet .. I am sure there were plenty of fish meals .
Dogs were more of a companion to the people on boats in those times . The long travel and people missing
their loved ones . Amazing was that it was said that the dog would often be first of the ship and swim to land due to is keen sense of smell and need for other animals attention . I could just imagine the Ships Captain
calling out
 Ahoy dog wait for us !!  Hopeful the dog didnot swim toward the sunset ..
Very interesting Exhibition
The display was on at the Local Museum about 15 minutes from Home .
The Exhibition is sponsored by the  Australian Govt and  called Seafarers and their Cats and Dogs
Sorry I couldnot download photos due to copy right ..