Friday, May 7, 2010

Pets and Holidays

When taking a pet away on a holiday we often think gee " They are with us all the time nothing can happen .

Camping ...

Check if pets are allowed at the campsite etc before taking off .You may see a nice spot but are animals allowed ?.

Accidents do happen .Ensure you have a local vet number handy .If possible a basic kit of a bandage . tape/ pre prescribed diarrhea and nausea tablets from the vet .

Try not to give too much food if your pet is excited about the trip as they could get bloat and or diarrhea etc . They are in unfamiliar surroundings . Even the best traveler can get sick .

Campfires are often a cause for burns from the wood and ashes .Also be aware of snakes or other nasties such as ticks . Even tiredness from swimming a lot can be fatal . Ensure your pet has enough rest after excitement and play . I would put the pet rug and or dog blanket in the car and put your pet in there to sleep for a while in the quiet .

Have plenty of fresh water and the pets own food handy .Resist giving treats .Try to keep mealtimes normal as possible

Keep the Lead handy . Dogs can become territorial even in an unfamiliar place .They have your smell and their smell .. Their spot…

Caravan Parks.

Yes book ahead and check if animals are allowed .Most Shire Council or Municipal information centres have maps and books . Most require pets to be on a leash when being walked in the Caravan Park  grounds .

Remember :

Dog Harness

Dog lead

Dog Toys

Dog Food

Dog blanket / Bed

Pet insurance Papers. Dog collar and tags around neck are secure ..

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