Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working Police Dogs

( I love this photo Line up of Police dogs and a cat )

Some doggies do earn a living. Police dogs in particular. Most Police dogs are German Shepherd , Rottweiler & Labrador . They are purchased at a cost of around $2500 but now a breeding program has taken place.Assessment takes place at 16 weeks During this time the dogs are imprinted with noises such as shopping centres guns, etc for them to be come familiar . Each fortnight they are taken back to the kennels and are fully assessed at 15 months for suitablilty. A further 14 weeks are then arranged so handlers can become familiar and work together .

Even police dogs have to pass obedience training . These dogs have to sniff out bodies, explosives ,drugs
These dogs are there in line of duty to ensure safety and help in crime prevention.

These dogs spend at least 7 to 10 years with their handler .Partners Yeah you bet .

Inspector Rex is the most famous T.V cop dog ..

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