Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydrobath Benefits

Benefits of Doggie Hydrobath

Dirt and debris accumulates on the pets coat . A treatment or pet shampoo will be used while washing takes place . The one thing that owners need to be mindful off is drying of skin. This can lead to allergies.

Most Hydrobaths are done generally every month .

The good thing is that any lumps irritations flea problems can be combated and checked at this time .Check with your vet and ensure you have the right shampoo for your dog .

High pressure water is used to clean the coat but hopefully retain the gloss and natural state . Water can be heated or cooled .The stimulation is great for blood circulation and Muscle fatigue.

They can come in various sizes Mid for small dogs Standard - and commercial tubs ..

Happy Bathing   ....

After reading a few Facebook Comments it seems smaller dogs really should be hand bathed in smaller trough or sink as the noise of the bath can scare them .

The flea treatment is arranged after the Hydrobath itself .

If the dog is reluctant to have the bath a gentle reassurance and a doggie treat afterwards can ease the fear

Many wash services provide all doggie  coat conditioning ,nail cutting etc   .Really the total works for your dog .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camping Trip

boondoomabjelke damview at winery view at picnic grounddairy museumlavenderkangiecherbourgolives
The Camping Trip was short but fun. We camped at the Bjelke Peterson Dam North West of Brisbane. There was wine tasting Cheese Tasting  a visit to the lavender Farm The Dairy Museum. Purchased some VerJuice,Butterscotch Liquior and real Lavender oil and Incense Stick ,cheese . All the Nice stuff . The idea of a Barbie (thats not the doll ) was to tempting .It was  heated up and some steak and Sausages cooked together to eat with the salad and Cheese was yummy.The wine.. Heaven!!.. The nights were cold but in the morning we were visited by the Magpies for breakfast . As usual they do the camp rounds to see what they can gather up food wise . The local people were friendly making it a really nice place to stay  .We also visited Boondooma Dam further west again approx 60kms.As we approached the lookout a mother Kangaroo and her baby were sitting quietly. I was quite surprised as it was really only mid afternoon  We also visited the Aboriginal town of Cherbourg.It was fairly self sufficient town but alcohol restrictions .. I have to say a relaxing trip. It is very dry but the the olives and peanut groves gave a green background..
Hope you enjoy the Photos  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whale Watching

Well What a day !!
Fantastic . The whales where a bit quiet  no breaching but still a magnificent animal all the same .The masters of the ocean . The Trip over on the Ferry was great and the Resort itself  Beautiful . A very Tiring Day but worth the effort . Please enjoy my Photos and Videos  xx Angela

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pet Sunscreen

Sunsreen for Pets

Having been tweeted the question by a Twitter Friend

@PetDogShop should I put sunscreen on my beagles tum as she sunbathed

The answer was yes. The most prone sun burn spots for our Pets are

Tips of the ears



Recently clipped Pets

Please ensure that the cream is for Pets and does not contain Zinc Dioxide that is Harmful to Pets. There is no need to put over areas that have fur as it is a natural protection .The main benefits is to stop the onset of Tumors or Cancer .

Most sunscreen recommend to apply 20minutes before going out in the sun .This allows the lotion or spray to soak in and not be licked. Also putting sunscreen on your hand and then applying the lotion is good .If the dog is going in and out of water reapply at intervals.

**** sunscreen for cats ******* I have attached the following article http://cats.about.com/b/2008/06/17/safe-sunscreen-for-cats.htm

Consult your vet if any concerns

Happy Doggie sun days xx

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Friday, July 2, 2010

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