Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pet Sunscreen

Sunsreen for Pets

Having been tweeted the question by a Twitter Friend

@PetDogShop should I put sunscreen on my beagles tum as she sunbathed

The answer was yes. The most prone sun burn spots for our Pets are

Tips of the ears



Recently clipped Pets

Please ensure that the cream is for Pets and does not contain Zinc Dioxide that is Harmful to Pets. There is no need to put over areas that have fur as it is a natural protection .The main benefits is to stop the onset of Tumors or Cancer .

Most sunscreen recommend to apply 20minutes before going out in the sun .This allows the lotion or spray to soak in and not be licked. Also putting sunscreen on your hand and then applying the lotion is good .If the dog is going in and out of water reapply at intervals.

**** sunscreen for cats ******* I have attached the following article

Consult your vet if any concerns

Happy Doggie sun days xx

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