Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Settling and moving Pets into new Home

Moving House is so tedious. Not only did we have to pack boxes but send our cat interstate on the plane.
The problems we had to consider were.
Where is Lucy going to board while we travel to our new home
Will her crate be suitable for the plane . Guess what  . Not suitable. Check with Jetpets or ring your airline. We now have a great travel crate.
Organising a vet check up to see she was fit to travel and organise the cattery.
We also had the worry of how to keep Lucy safe in our new Home.
As you can see.
It is not just unsettling for yourself but pets can feel the strain too . Lucy our cat has coped very well and settled nicely in our rental Unit.Buying a cat cage has been a fantastic investment. It has allowed us less worry that she may wander or have a fight.Yes there are other cats here that are inquisitive and want to see who Lucy is but we make sure she safe.Because our Apartment is small we can put Lucy in the cage when we are cleaning . What animals like the Vacuum cleaning? Hmm not many . The cage has been a Fantastic investment.Buy the biggest cage that is available.
I also say . donot be too scared to ask for your pet to be allowed to be with you in a rental property. This website may be helpful http://www.acac.org.au/pdf/renting_tenantguide.pdf  

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