Monday, January 25, 2010

YouTube - The flintstones - Avoiding Dino

YouTube - The flintstones - Avoiding Dino

Pets and Music

As we know dependent on our moods the type of music we listen to depends on the events happening around us . For example if I was feeling a little unhappy I will listening to something with a bit of an upbeat mood , if my husband and I want relaxing mood over dinner we will look for a bit more relaxed tunes. The biggest trend of all is tapes of quiet river trickling and birds .. environmental type of tapes.
It really can help when listening to the right music at the right time.
Can certain music be good for animals?
Well I can think of two types of animal anxiety that could be helped through calming music .
1. Separation anxiety ..when masters go to work for the day
2. Being at the kennels .( not saying that the kennel people are mean it is just that your pet had to go there for a particular reason but they don’t understand this and they feel afraid
Many kennels now have piped music and or a radio set to calming music . It helps the animal relax ,
Another interesting point I have read is that many pets take on the tension that we as their master brings home from work or when there is personal trouble or illness .
It may also be the other way round and they feel stressed but we are just so busy . It is something I am really going to think about for Lucy my cat .The morning is the hardest for her when I go to work .. Lucy does like country and western music and settles once the music channel is playing
Birds often whistle or chatter to certain blends of music and screech at loud music ..
Yes I do believe animals respond to music

Friday, January 15, 2010


It is natural thing to give a dog a bone to chew .Dogs natural instinct is to crave the bone they are given.
Some dogs are more aggressive eaters and can crack the bone. This will cause the bone to splinter . If so take the bone away as it will cut into gums and jaw.
Bones are beneficial for a dog and cat for the chewing motion helps clean their gums and ad nutrients to their diet and relieve boredom. The marrow is a great source of fats and Protein for their diet
The most important thing are
1. Ensure the bone is bigger than the dogs. Cats mouth .. this will stop them from swallowing it
2. Supervise and do not leave your pet unattended as they could choke
3. Avoid Rib Bones or chicken bones ( they are the most prone to splinters

I have found with my cat the Loin lamb chop bone is great as she can put her paw on it as it isnot to big there is generally a little bit of marrow at the back and some meat left . I always keep an eye on her .

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bringing Home a Pet

Important things when planning to have a pet
1. Consider the amount of room you have in the back yard
2. Do you want a puppy that will take a lot of extra attention or an older pet
3. Where will they sleep
4. The bedding required , toys , food do I need
5. Ensure a vet is close and have any emergency numbers handy
6. Consider adoption and go to an animal shelter to see what animals are available
7. Take time in choosing the pet
8. Ask question of its health or any ailments that need attention
9. Arrange micro chipping and desexing
10. Arrange for de flea and worming treatment**** (only to cats or pups old enough. Please read labels*********
11. Arrange registration of your pet
12. Have a long think about the lifestyle changes that you will encounter
13. Book dog obedience training
14. Arrange pet insurance
15. If a puppy or kitten they will need a lot of time and toilet training
16. Plan time to exercise your pet each day
17. Are they child friendly .
18. Check all your back yard is secure and suitable for your pet.
The most important thing is to enjoy your pets company. They are amazing to have and give out so much love. They don’t judge you( but only at feed time)