Friday, January 15, 2010


It is natural thing to give a dog a bone to chew .Dogs natural instinct is to crave the bone they are given.
Some dogs are more aggressive eaters and can crack the bone. This will cause the bone to splinter . If so take the bone away as it will cut into gums and jaw.
Bones are beneficial for a dog and cat for the chewing motion helps clean their gums and ad nutrients to their diet and relieve boredom. The marrow is a great source of fats and Protein for their diet
The most important thing are
1. Ensure the bone is bigger than the dogs. Cats mouth .. this will stop them from swallowing it
2. Supervise and do not leave your pet unattended as they could choke
3. Avoid Rib Bones or chicken bones ( they are the most prone to splinters

I have found with my cat the Loin lamb chop bone is great as she can put her paw on it as it isnot to big there is generally a little bit of marrow at the back and some meat left . I always keep an eye on her .

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