Monday, January 25, 2010

Pets and Music

As we know dependent on our moods the type of music we listen to depends on the events happening around us . For example if I was feeling a little unhappy I will listening to something with a bit of an upbeat mood , if my husband and I want relaxing mood over dinner we will look for a bit more relaxed tunes. The biggest trend of all is tapes of quiet river trickling and birds .. environmental type of tapes.
It really can help when listening to the right music at the right time.
Can certain music be good for animals?
Well I can think of two types of animal anxiety that could be helped through calming music .
1. Separation anxiety ..when masters go to work for the day
2. Being at the kennels .( not saying that the kennel people are mean it is just that your pet had to go there for a particular reason but they don’t understand this and they feel afraid
Many kennels now have piped music and or a radio set to calming music . It helps the animal relax ,
Another interesting point I have read is that many pets take on the tension that we as their master brings home from work or when there is personal trouble or illness .
It may also be the other way round and they feel stressed but we are just so busy . It is something I am really going to think about for Lucy my cat .The morning is the hardest for her when I go to work .. Lucy does like country and western music and settles once the music channel is playing
Birds often whistle or chatter to certain blends of music and screech at loud music ..
Yes I do believe animals respond to music

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