Thursday, November 19, 2009

SFGate: Day in Pictures

SFGate: Day in Pictures

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SFGate: Day in Pictures

SFGate: Day in Pictures

300kg cow crashes into woman's pool

300kg cow crashes into woman's pool

Pet Immunization

A yearly immunization shot is so important to our pets health .There are so many nasty infliction that can befall our pets .

Rabies The most infectious is Rabies it is a viral disease that attacks the nervous system .The disease is spread through saliva and or wild animal bites .
Hepatitis.. This infliction generally attacks tissue and causes liver to be infected. Generally an infection will occur due to urine transmission .
Canine Parvovirus.. This is the condition that infects the intestines. It is blood related .Symtom are diarrohea, vomiting and depression.
Canine Distemper .. This is a contagious condition and attacks the nervous system . generally transmitted through through the aerosol droplets and through contact with infected bodily fluids including nasal, feces, and urine. It can also be spread by food and water contaminated with these fluids.
Canine Kennel Cough This is a Bacterial infection of a dogs respiratory system .It is an nasty spasmodic cough and many instances conjunvitis.
In all these cases please consult your vet and check on all vaccines and the symptoms or any side effects. ** just a hint **** if your dog is going in for surgery please ask the vet if your dog will need a booster of its shots.. just as some pills become ineffective if humans take antibiotics . I believe it is a good question to ask as your dogs immune system is low .
*** Did you know . Ferrets also get inoculated for Distemper
Happy health animals every one

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dog Kennels

Having a dog is great but they need a house as well to live in .
The first things to consider are the
• size of your dog
• where it is going to be situated
• the type of material it is built with
• how will it be ventilated
• and what matting or bedding is inside
A dog needs to feel comfortable and confident enough that they will spend the time in the dog house you purchase .Another important thing is that the kennel isnot too large for your dog as it will promote loss of body heat .
There are even kennels that have roofs that come off for easy cleaning or you could have it hinged if requested. Allow enough room for your dog but putting food in the kennel?. Some critics say kennels are great and help the dog to adapt better to climate conditions. Having had a dog previously I found that having the kennel facing the sliding door on the patio ensured our dog felt secure and she used her kennel. We also used an old sleeping bag which we could pull out and wash.
The must essential thing was that it was raised up of the ground and we were able to wash and clean under it .
Wooden kennels seem to be the most popular and more of course not as chewable as the plastic ones .It is your choice and happy doggie kennel hunting

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The great race as it it is called has an amazing history dating back to the 1880s during the mining boom in Nome.
Dogs and sled men transported firewood mining equipment gold food to Nome During it hey day Mushing was the most popular of sports up until 1960 when snow mobiles were introduced into Alaska .
In 1908 the All Alaska Sweep Stakes and the 1925 Serum run were the most famous of events for dog Mushing .
The Serum run was the delivery of the antitoxin for the diphtheria epidemic that spread through the community . Dogs ran in relays until the serum was delivered to Nome. Balto is the most famous of sled dogs and is commemorated in a statue in Central Park . Common belief is that Togo is the Hero dog. The dogs and their master are heros . I believe all of them.
Every March since 1973 people have flocked to Anchorage Alaska for the start of the race . It is the pre race training of the dogs that makes this the most amazing physical event .Dogs are conditioned . Training starts late Summer and intensifies up until March . The amazing teams of dogs can run anywhere up to 2000 Klm
Facts on the race:
The route is a grueling 1600 klms
There are 2 routes that are used each alternate year
There are 25 checkpoints and 3 mandatory stops
There are generally 50 entrants each year
Temperatures can get to minus ( very cold degrees)
The last mushers over the line is referred as the” Red Lantern”
The race takes a minimum of 10 days to complete
There are generally 6 dogs per sled .
The favored breed of dog is the Siberian Husky .
The Idatarod is now a professional sport and sponsored. Many of the competitors do speeches etc to fund the cost of feeding dogs and racing them which can be up to $80,000.
I really enjoyed writing this blog ..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dog Harnesses / Car Trips

Dog Harnesses / Car Safety

Are harnesses all they are made out to be ? There are times when a dog harness may save your dogs life and your life. Many people forget to restrain there dogs when they are in a car. We all love to take our pet on a doggie car trip. An unrestrained dog is like a missile if you break hard in traffic. A harness is well equipped for all seat belts and simply hooked through and clipped in for safety . Not only does the dog have freedom to sit and be safe but also be able to still look out the window and be safe.
It is so unfair and unnecessary to sustain an injury when there are so many great harnesses on the market . The benefit also is that the dog must wait patiently at the other end of the trip and you can fasten the lead before they get out of the car.. It is a great obedience tool as well . It enables more control of your dog and can be used in conjunction with a choker chain.

Dog seats are also available but with all things the fitting is the key to ensure that your dog does not get chaffing under the belly and not tangled up.
Ease your dog into using the harness and believe me that will be good for you every time . Enjoy your next dog outing with no problems
The products listed below are available on my website
Pet Lookout Small Car Booster Seat,
The Illusion Collar and Leash Set By Cesar Millan:
Solvit Med Pet Vehicle Safety Harness

Friday, November 6, 2009

lucy and her way of watching t.v

Dog Attacks

It is a common occurrence now for dog attacks not only against your pet but injury to owners as well .
There are Thousands of reported cases and some not reported of animals being killed or mauled leaving expensive bills and hospital visit for the owners and the vet for there beloved pet.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your Property is secure .
Regularly check .
· Fence line for any holes where a dog may enter undetected
· Gates that are lose or need repairing
· Cover compost bins as they attract hungry dogs
· Do not leave pet food out at night

The general reason another dog will attack is due to them being in a more superior position having the freedom to explore new territory . The scenario is that they will investigate a dog that perhaps looking through a hole in the gate or a cat that is innocently walking by or relaxing in the back yard .That scene will whip them into excitement . Sadly if this dog gets into a back yard the ultimate goal is for the other dog to fight for the space. The attacks are very quick and with great ferocity. It is sad and both your pet and the other pets a lot of time are euthanized. The animals that survive the attack have a lot of rehabilitation.
Recently one of my work collegues had her dog killed in an enclosed yard. A very distressing thing for her to endure. If you are home and encounter a stray dog in your yard be really careful

· Call your local council
· Call for emergency assistance if someone is bitten

There are laws now that prohibit certain breeds of dogs
· Registration is compulsory
· Desexing is compulsory

Pet cat contracts swine flu

Pet cat contracts swine flu

Interesting article

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Owen Wilson Is Practicing His Big Dog Voice

Owen Wilson Is Practicing His Big Dog Voice

Flea Control

For any pet owner to have a pet full of fleas is a nightmare . Fleas and mite spread disease not only to your pet but also to your family . Protection through a fleas treatment program is the best way to eliminate this infestation and are available on my web site .
The dosages are monthly and can include worming as well. The most important thing is to kill the existing fleas and also the larvae. Grooming you pet is a good way to gauge if there a problem . If you have both a cat and dog ensure both of them are treated at the same time as this will stop cross contamination of fleas. A flea when it emerges from its cocoon begins to look for a host . They are attracted to heat .Once they have found a host they begin to lay eggs and last approx 100 days. This is why there are so many of them literally thousands .Often dogs don’t seem to have many fleas but are still itching this is often because they are allergic to the fleas bite.
Fleas are a flattened shape to enable them to move easy through the hair Follicles. The bristles and combs on the legs enable them to cling to the host. And this makes them hard to kill just by grooming .
You may not rid them completely but it will stop discomfort.
· Controlling fleas can be as easy applying flea control
· Spray carpets and rugs
· Ensure pets bedding is spray and aired
· Shampoo and bacterial wash for dogs
· Any toys are sprayed
· Sweep down patio area and spray .
Hope this is helpful. If in doubt consult your vet .