Friday, November 13, 2009

Dog Kennels

Having a dog is great but they need a house as well to live in .
The first things to consider are the
• size of your dog
• where it is going to be situated
• the type of material it is built with
• how will it be ventilated
• and what matting or bedding is inside
A dog needs to feel comfortable and confident enough that they will spend the time in the dog house you purchase .Another important thing is that the kennel isnot too large for your dog as it will promote loss of body heat .
There are even kennels that have roofs that come off for easy cleaning or you could have it hinged if requested. Allow enough room for your dog but putting food in the kennel?. Some critics say kennels are great and help the dog to adapt better to climate conditions. Having had a dog previously I found that having the kennel facing the sliding door on the patio ensured our dog felt secure and she used her kennel. We also used an old sleeping bag which we could pull out and wash.
The must essential thing was that it was raised up of the ground and we were able to wash and clean under it .
Wooden kennels seem to be the most popular and more of course not as chewable as the plastic ones .It is your choice and happy doggie kennel hunting

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