Friday, November 6, 2009

Dog Attacks

It is a common occurrence now for dog attacks not only against your pet but injury to owners as well .
There are Thousands of reported cases and some not reported of animals being killed or mauled leaving expensive bills and hospital visit for the owners and the vet for there beloved pet.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your Property is secure .
Regularly check .
· Fence line for any holes where a dog may enter undetected
· Gates that are lose or need repairing
· Cover compost bins as they attract hungry dogs
· Do not leave pet food out at night

The general reason another dog will attack is due to them being in a more superior position having the freedom to explore new territory . The scenario is that they will investigate a dog that perhaps looking through a hole in the gate or a cat that is innocently walking by or relaxing in the back yard .That scene will whip them into excitement . Sadly if this dog gets into a back yard the ultimate goal is for the other dog to fight for the space. The attacks are very quick and with great ferocity. It is sad and both your pet and the other pets a lot of time are euthanized. The animals that survive the attack have a lot of rehabilitation.
Recently one of my work collegues had her dog killed in an enclosed yard. A very distressing thing for her to endure. If you are home and encounter a stray dog in your yard be really careful

· Call your local council
· Call for emergency assistance if someone is bitten

There are laws now that prohibit certain breeds of dogs
· Registration is compulsory
· Desexing is compulsory

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