Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flea Control

For any pet owner to have a pet full of fleas is a nightmare . Fleas and mite spread disease not only to your pet but also to your family . Protection through a fleas treatment program is the best way to eliminate this infestation and are available on my web site .
The dosages are monthly and can include worming as well. The most important thing is to kill the existing fleas and also the larvae. Grooming you pet is a good way to gauge if there a problem . If you have both a cat and dog ensure both of them are treated at the same time as this will stop cross contamination of fleas. A flea when it emerges from its cocoon begins to look for a host . They are attracted to heat .Once they have found a host they begin to lay eggs and last approx 100 days. This is why there are so many of them literally thousands .Often dogs don’t seem to have many fleas but are still itching this is often because they are allergic to the fleas bite.
Fleas are a flattened shape to enable them to move easy through the hair Follicles. The bristles and combs on the legs enable them to cling to the host. And this makes them hard to kill just by grooming .
You may not rid them completely but it will stop discomfort.
· Controlling fleas can be as easy applying flea control
· Spray carpets and rugs
· Ensure pets bedding is spray and aired
· Shampoo and bacterial wash for dogs
· Any toys are sprayed
· Sweep down patio area and spray .
Hope this is helpful. If in doubt consult your vet .

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