Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dog Harnesses / Car Trips

Dog Harnesses / Car Safety

Are harnesses all they are made out to be ? There are times when a dog harness may save your dogs life and your life. Many people forget to restrain there dogs when they are in a car. We all love to take our pet on a doggie car trip. An unrestrained dog is like a missile if you break hard in traffic. A harness is well equipped for all seat belts and simply hooked through and clipped in for safety . Not only does the dog have freedom to sit and be safe but also be able to still look out the window and be safe.
It is so unfair and unnecessary to sustain an injury when there are so many great harnesses on the market . The benefit also is that the dog must wait patiently at the other end of the trip and you can fasten the lead before they get out of the car.. It is a great obedience tool as well . It enables more control of your dog and can be used in conjunction with a choker chain.

Dog seats are also available but with all things the fitting is the key to ensure that your dog does not get chaffing under the belly and not tangled up.
Ease your dog into using the harness and believe me that will be good for you every time . Enjoy your next dog outing with no problems
The products listed below are available on my website
Pet Lookout Small Car Booster Seat,
The Illusion Collar and Leash Set By Cesar Millan:
Solvit Med Pet Vehicle Safety Harness

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