Friday, June 18, 2010

DAP Hormone treatment ..

DAP Dog Pheromone

This is a Dog hormone that can help reduce

• Anxiety

• Noise Fears

• Assimilate an adult dog or Puppy into your new home

• Toilet Problems

Check with your Vet first to ensure this will help and have the symptoms checked first. Map out a plan with the Vet First .

How is Dap Used

It is a plug in diffuser that lasts approx a month. Ensure it is plugged in near your dogs living area .It is oil based and should not be to near any furniture etc.

The unit is for inside use only .Try to keep your dog near to the unit as much as possible to gain maximum benefits.

Or Collar

The Collar has the hormone embedded into it .Collars are adjustable and can be fitted easily .

Collar will not work when situation is windy and or wet .

It is though sometimes only effective in treatment of 70% of cases ****

I hope this is of help to your Dog ..

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