Friday, June 18, 2010

Lucy and the Gecko

Hi Friends
Little did I know that there was a Gecko inside the House . All Craziness broke lose my Human Dad saying "leave the Poor thing Alone " Mum ready with Bucket and Broom . Gee and I though I made a racket up ontop of the wall unit .Up there as quick as a flash. I sat and watched that Geckie .. Dont you Worry I was doing us Cats proud ready to fly and swipe . Alas mum was able to get the Gekkie into a bucket safely outside . Yeah but until tommorows Saga . I am Queen of the Gekkie Chase .. XX Lucy Cat

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  1. @PepiSmartDog: U need to meet Apple, Tahni & Suki, Mum's 3 kittehs = all Gecko Masters ! Mom runs around trying to beat the speed of the kittehs & rescue the geckos, who are busy pulling faces at the 3 ! Kittehs love it when they win the TAIL !! as Mum rushes gecko outside into garden...