Sunday, June 13, 2010

Neutering of your Pet

Why Neutering?.

Neutering has many benefits .It stops unwanted pregnancies and also decreases aggression due to androgen or testosterone in the male dog.The operation is generally completed before the puppy is one year old . This gives added benefits to the dog. Neutering is seen as a medical help and behavioral help

Also dogs who have been neutered donot roam and search for females on heat . Dogs can sense an "ON Heat" female from many miles away and respond if  un neutered . The only way to keep a dog when unneutered at this time is chained and for behavioral reasons not fair . The stress is taken away if a dog is neutered .
The concentration side of the neutering is the most important as your dog will respond to your stimuli such as training and commands .They willnot be distracted by Female Hormone

Medical Benefits

No Tumors .
Less prostrate problems
Hernias   in older unneutered dogs

Consult your vet with any questions regarding your puppies operation and recovery time .

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