Friday, March 5, 2010

Dogs Paws Health

After arranging my own foot spa treatment I thought about the sore paws my doggie friends must get with all the hard concrete, stone paths , etc .

Not only are there only hot condition where it is so nasty on dogs paws (the concrete and bitumen) but cold conditions as well .

Hot Conditions

When there are hot conditions check for signs of your dog refusing to walk limping or excess chewing of their paws. This is a sign of burnt paws. Walk your dog if possible on grass and or lift them to transport . Blistering may occur. Always consult your vet if concerned .Ointments are readily available to massage into your dogs feet. (Check labels for application instructions) .Along with Dog Shoes your summer dog walks should be a breeze.

Cold Conditions

I remembered as well that in countries where there is snow salt is used and would be quite painful on cracked paws .After reading : Alternative are to use ointment or petroleum jelly to stop re freezing of snow between the paws. (Check labels for application instructions )Dog shoes that can be purchased are of benefit to the healing process. I have also read that it is worth while washing your pets paws in warm water to clear any bacteria and or chemicals.

The main thing is to be vigilant in checking how your dog is walking etc.

If your dogs paws are inflamed don’t go walking, Rest up and or see your Vet . They can give expert care when needed.

Happy Walkies

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