Friday, March 19, 2010

Pet Arthritis

As we all know humans do eventually get sore joints aches and pains .We can tell our doctor but what if your cat or dog suddenly shows stiffness and immobility. The thing is to have it diagnosed by the vet. They will do a full examination to ensure it is not any other problem other than Arthritis. It does not mean no quality of life for your pet. The most common trouble spots for both cats and dogs are Knees Ankle and elbow joints. The vet will determine the kind of Arthritis and symptoms may be helped through diet and Exercise and medication.

Some tips I have read that may help our pets are ..

Keep pet warm . Bedding can be on a slightly raised surface away from draft ..Bean bags and old mattress work well.

Put a nice warm water bottle wrapped in a towel under the bedding.

Be aware or wet floors and stairs . These are problems were pets may fall ..

Make a doggie or cat ramp for them to use ie to get off sofa or ( Dogs) out of car .

Diet and weight management

Give cats a good groom as they cannot wash as they use to..

Some pet owners are resorting to Acupunture and massage but your vet is the most experienced person to help you . There are many helpful website too

I agree. Don’t rush an older pet they just need extra time to get around .

Happy older pets !!!

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