Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seafarers and there Love of Animals

Have been today to the amazing exibition of photographs of pets that lived on boats between
1900 and 1950 .. absolutely amazing .Cats in particular were a very important part of sea life due to their hunting skills and the need for mice control on boats.All the animals took pride and place in the photos and there were alot with the cat on the Captains lap looking the most special pet .. I am sure there were plenty of fish meals .
Dogs were more of a companion to the people on boats in those times . The long travel and people missing
their loved ones . Amazing was that it was said that the dog would often be first of the ship and swim to land due to is keen sense of smell and need for other animals attention . I could just imagine the Ships Captain
calling out
 Ahoy dog wait for us !!  Hopeful the dog didnot swim toward the sunset ..
Very interesting Exhibition
The display was on at the Local Museum about 15 minutes from Home .
The Exhibition is sponsored by the  Australian Govt and  called Seafarers and their Cats and Dogs
Sorry I couldnot download photos due to copy right ..

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