Friday, February 5, 2010

Can animals find their way if Lost

Can animals find their way home if lost ?

There are cases were we hear of amazing stories that a pet has returned home after being lost . Animals cannot pick up a phone or dial up the internet they use their own instincts . It is said the migrating birds use earths magnetic field to know where their destination is . eg homing pigeons
Most of the lucky ones that do find their way home are dishevelled with sore paws but happy to see their owner.
The most fascinating thing is that pets that escape or become lost and find their owners is that the pet wandered until it found a familiar scent.It is also a part habit to seek the location from where they came.
I remember my family friends gave us a sister and brother cat .They lived across the main highway and down a long street called the Corso and down over railway tracks approx 3 klm away . Mum received a call to say the one of them had returned home . Sam lived with us for a while but the sister cat disappeared from our friends . Sam went back to them to see if she would return. It was amazing ( no child hood lies in this case ) I remember taking Sam back to the “ Stones “ House . I was Ten years old and remember it vividly.She met us at the door and gave Sam a Huge hug .The interesting question was" Could the sister cat upset at being in an unfamiliar place and disappeared again because of Sam ?. We will never know .
Rupert Sheldrake a biologist has written a book and states that not all animals have the gift to find their way home ..

That is the sad part ..

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