Sunday, November 14, 2010

Albino Animals

Albino Animals

My earliest image of an albino animal are the mice and rats use in laboratories Many albino animals such as mice and rats are often used as testing Laboratory animals. The first case of rats to be bred and used in Laboratories was in 1828. Many Albino rabbit were used for the Draize test. Sadly wild albino animals survival rate are low because they lack the Camouflage they require.

These animals are white with no colour at all . The eyes are red. They are known as Dondo or White albino.

The sad thing for Albino Cats and Dogs they are seen as inadequate or not genetically right.

The most noticeable thing is that these animals lack colour pigmentation and have other medical problems. It is a defect in the production of the enzyme needed for pigmentation.

These problems are Genetic. These pets will be confined to inside life

• Will be possibly of being blind and deaf

• And prone to cancer

• Its hard for them to be in the sun

It is advisable to

• buy a pair of doggles( doggy sunglasses)

• good doggy sunscreen

• donot breed your dog or cat

The most common breed of cat to have albino offspring are the Siamese cat. It was interesting to note that there are some albino Samoyeds ,albino German Shepherds. Please keep in touch with your vet from when you bring you pet or suspect your pet you want to buy is albino..

Hope this information is helpful xx Angela

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