Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snail Bait and Pesticides

Snail Bait and Pesticides

After watching Tuesday nights Television and having to spray for Termites it made me aware to ask the Question . How Safe is the product I am using ? Look online or see if your vet has a List to help you.

Pet poisoned by snail bait … (Television show episode)

I could not believe and the poor owner could not believe how quick the poor little Labrador pup began having convulsions and salivating at the mouth. The Vet was onto the case straight away. He checked the dogs Temperature first and knew straight away the stomach had to be pumped. The dog did sick up the grass and snail bait pallets but was given anaesthetic to ensure stomach could be pumped completely. The next step was charcoal mix to soak up the poison. Doggie recovered but what a scare. Pets will get into anything . has very informative information on pesticide use

Some tips I have thought of

• Do inventory of the most dangerous products in your house . Put them into a store away safe container with sealable lid . Put this container up high or out in the shed.

• Walk around your property and check if there are any lose bit of garbage or packets/ bottles floating around blown by the wind etc

• Make sure your rubbish bin is not in any easy accessible spot. An idea is to lock it in the garage or shed and wheel it out on the day of collection.

It is a hard thing to determine what a pet will do if they are inquisitive but be alert for

• Convulsions

• Listlessness

• Overheating

• No eating or drinking

Some harmful products are
rat poisons, antifreeze, gasoline, kerosine, ibuprofen, lime, paint thinner

Tylenol, rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, chocolate, deodorant, and soap.
The biggest problem for the diagnosis is generally How much has the Dog or cat Digested?. a blood test will be done to see toxidity levels . If possible take the eaten packet or product bottle with you .It is sad and very worrying fact too that some people purposely throw baits and other toxic substances over fences because they feel your dog is noisy etc. If this is occuring contact your local police. It is again a different issue to you looking after your garden but be aware.

Consult your vet immediately **** Safe gardening experience for you and your pet .

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