Friday, November 5, 2010

Dog Obedience

The most Important things when looking at a Dog training is its behaviour.

The first thing I would ask myself is How much time and effort do I have for Dog training and why do dogs need training.

Having a good mannered dog makes the dog happier and fun for you as the owner. An Untrained dog is no fun if it cannot socialise or be patient around people and other dogs.

I would want my dog to

Come when called

Be housetrained

Not rush through the door

Not pull on the Lead


Another point to consider is what is involved in training and when to start. The most appropriate time is 7 weeks of age . Remember that like Humans dogs have growing phases like we do. How a dog will relate and be trained is due to

The need to socialise

And the Trust Factor

The most important factor is consistency and determine what drive your dog has .

Is it Prey Pack or Defense drive? . You can do a profile or seek a dog Obedience or doggy school that will help you. Check at your shelter/Vet or your phone directory/Internet for listings.

Remember the dogs breed and Natural instincts can cause problems. As an example my dog many years ago named Lucky was Kelpie. Well to say she wanted to round things up was an understatement. She had Prey Drive. The best thing I found was to distract her with throwing stick balls . Full attention. This generally bought her back to Pack Drive.

Sometimes I thought it was who was training whom. Some things were annoying but were Rushing first toward the door.. No way I hated it !!!

I bought a harness . She knew that unless the harness was put on no going out the door meant no walks or car ride . Worked a charm . Yes talking to her and settling her. It took a bit but she was excellent in the car and on the leash .

Learning sit and stay were critical as she was a big dog . Dinner time was no problem.

But please remember any Animal shelter doggies can have


Seperation Anxiety


Lucky was in the Shy Category ..but her doggie trips and love from our family she was confident dog..

Well Successful training to all .. and hope this was a general help but always get expert advice on training issues

XOXO Angela

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