Friday, October 1, 2010

Pet Services

Pets services for Holiday times

It is amazing what we need to think of when planning a holiday .One thing for sure is that your pet needs to be taken care of..
Putting your dog/cat in Kennels can seem upsetting but at least they will be safe.

You need to ensure

Vaccinations are up to date .This is the most important thing.. Thinking ahead is not silly .. Checking out the kennel facilities before you book you pet is important .

Check if there is

1. Sufficient water

2. Plenty of exercise areas

3. A back up plan if your pet gets sick

4. Plenty of shelter from sun and rain

Many people also call pet sitting services because they feel that there pet would be better in familiar surroundings

These services arrange

1. clean cat litter .

2. feed your cat or dog

3. walk them

4. play and give animal support in familiar surroundings

The above list of Australian services is amazing . Give your pet a safe holiday

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