Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Fact

Interesting cat fact !

Interesting cat fact !

Did You Know!.. This fact is really interesting and can be found in the web of life book .

All fully ginger cats are only ever male .The female are only ever either black or tortoiseshell

You might ask why is lucy (cat shown below) Ginger then .. Yes she is Ginger but has white as well ..she isnot fully ginger .. ( her mum would have been white and dad ginger .. because she has no black ?)A rare ginger female .. Yes I have encounter a fully ginger female cat . The most amazing thing was the distinct ginger rings on the tail.. How do I know you might ask ..Well ..My cat from when I was a teenager was named Dozzie and she was a rare ginger female cat picked up from the animal shelter by my brother . She lived 15 Years

To give some Biological background ..(I,m no geek )Animal such in man have Chromosomes and genetics that make up who we are .

xx female xy male..

Tortoiseshell cat have Ginger coloured dad and Black Mum if she mates with a black cat she will have black or tortiseshell daughter or an orange or black sons..

The reason is that coat colour is determined possibly because the coat colour is carried on x chromosome ..Hope this was informative .. catch you on twitter

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