Friday, August 6, 2010

Importance of Pets

Having had many pets .I feel it has given me a sense of
1.Responsibilty Pets are part of a family and need looking after just like all other members of the family . Focus is on not just my self .
2.Compassion . That if someone or another animal is injured we should help and care.
2.Love Pets will give all of us Love . People say they are less lonely.
3.Admiration. This is the biggest asset . No matter what situation is occurring our pets look up to you under all circumstances . I am totally amazed the way Guide dogs /Policedogs/ Repatriation or Care Dogs are trained to serve us .
4. Relaxation .People love fish for this reason. Just the fish swimming is a calming effect. That special time to relax with a coffee on the sofa with your cat or dog next to you . Pets really can relax and I love them for that .
The most amazing thing about our pets is that they can sense when you are not well and tell you they are going to miss you .The morning cuddles and the wait at the window or gate confirms this.
I can not help but to pat my cat when I get home. It is such a good feeling. That motor mower purr of your cat or that tail wag from your dog is so fun.
The biggest asset of a pet is the social contact we have at the Park when dogs are walked. Also websites and forums ,Twitter and FaceBook are great ways to meet people with pets and to talk and interact.
The fitness component is a big issue too. Having a dog in the family gets us out and about .ie Looking for a nice picnic spot or river walk etc
Pets are amazing .
If you can adopt a pet
Check out your local Animal shelter and give a dog or Cat a new home .

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