Friday, April 16, 2010


After watching a fantastic show on SBS about the Desert Dwelling People It made me want to blog about this topic. These people actually hand made their Camels muzzle out of grasses to stop the camels from overeating on the trip through the Desert to the Market . Very Interesting .

Back to talking about Dog Muzzles . It seems the earliest record of talk about Muzzles is 1835

Muzzles are primarily use to stop animals from biting . Sometimes it isnot through aggression but injury . A dog may need to where a muzzle to stop biting after surgery etc. Muzzles can be made from leather and or nylon strap. Muzzles for Greyhounds are generally wire . It should slip around snuggly but allow the dog to breath freely . Some Muzzles are even padded and or allow your dog to eat and drink.

A Vet or Pet store Professional will help you fit the right muzzle to help your dog with the training predicament of concern you have .

It will mean that your dog can socialize and be happy . Oh if any of your friends feel uptight when they come round to visit . Pop on a Muzzle . Its not mean it is a safety thing ..

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