Friday, August 20, 2010

Dogs and Weight

After reading a few articles it is estimated 40percent of dog population is over weight

Not only does it affect Dogs but Cats too . Both domestic pets should have a vet consultation to help ensure there are no under lying problems. The vet will normally check for thyroid and metabolic problems

The major thing is to stop giving your Dog those tit bits . From experience family pets line up to each member of the house hold. Before you know it your dog has eaten part of 3 plates. Oh boy and should your dog be full Yes!! Feed your pet their food at same time you eat away from Dining table or outside .

Hearing the fridge door or the dog crunchies packet ..Does your pet come running ? Is hard to say no to them?. It is like us humans your pet can get love handles .Sorry to put it in that fashion. Try to say no

Another problem is the Gourmet or fussy dog eater . They may only eat what they now have a taste for but it is high in calories ( chicken liver icecream ,cookies ).  No!!

Try not to leave dry food out 24/7 this encourages the pet to snack all day and then not eat main meal

The best thing is to

Change to a Low calories dog food but reduce only by one third .. take portion down gradually

Plenty of exercise and encouragement

A supplement called DermCap and or omega acids can be added to diet to avoid skin irritations due to incorrect diet

Regular weigh ins to ensure Veterinary advice is help weight reduction.
Always consult with your Vet *******************************

A happy pet will mean your pet will live longer ..
"The ideal dog food would be a ration that tastes like a postman." -Anonymous

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