Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dog and Cat Nail Trimming

Pets as well as humans need grooming. Even as part of our ritual of brushing our hair we also cut our nails. Leaving nails long can cause cut paws ,irritations , and bleeding .
The most common problems for a cat with long nails is ingrown in to the pads and risk of abscesses.
For a dog it is veins becoming to large and cutting a problem. Puppies can be cut weekly.
The earlier a pets understands that nails will be cut regularly the stress will be minimal.
Have a good technique and the appropriate clippers or pedi- machine the job can be done quickly and effortlessly.
Remember each animal responds differently. With my cat I tend to have her held under the arm pits with her leg raised. Then cut each claw quickly. My regular cutting is every 3 weeks.
The colour of the dog or cats claws can be either clear or black . The clear claws are quite easy to cut s you can see where the vein begin but with black claws you check and cut until a white dot appears.

Most grooming centres and vets will help you if you are not confident. I you have just purchased a pet check out all information and websites for the different types of clippers that can be bought .
Cutting should be a no stressful experience .

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