Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Endangered Animals

So many of our native species are under threat. Koalas ,spotted Quoll, Mary River Turtles various species of frogs Butterflies.

The worse plight is for the Tasmanian devil . The facial tumour disease basically each and infects generally the facial area . It isnot resticted to older Adult Devils .It only takes around 3 months and cause of death is starvation.. a really sad plight

Koalas have to fight with less land and trees and cars of course and Clamydia .. general result is death.

My last holiday was visiting Charleville outback Queensland.. While there I visited the Bilby visitors centre .These cute rabbit like creature are restricted to a fully fenced enclosure 400km west of Charleville. The population of these animal stands at around 700. If it was not for the enclosure and captive breeding program the numbers would be less . Believe me they are gorgeous. The picture is attached we saw the bilbys at the Environmental protection agency .

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