Friday, October 30, 2009

Dog Fitness

Each day we all should attempt some form of fitness or walking to relax a little and unwind. Our dogs are like us and need that release.. Many councils have now installed dog friendly parks and play equipment to ensure that dogs are entertained and given a great area to release their energy . If possible try to use all the park to the best advantage this way your dog will not become territorial . Yes there is bullying in the doggie world and especially at the gate where you enter so just patiently wait until other dogs settle and then enter . Also do not let your doggie play the king pin thing either it can cause a fight.
Ensure you have a little bag of snacks and some water but most dog parks have a water dog fountain .
A lot of time it is the doggie leading the master on a walk not the master leading the dog..Try if possible to keep you dog fairly controlled ,but they do love their walks so some forgiveness can be arranged.
Other fitness dog fun are
Sniffer Dog
Dog agility
Dog disc training
Fly ball .. This is the most popular of all the dog sports ..
Earthdog trials
Schutzhund tracking, obedience, protection, schutzhund is all about what a well rounded dog is all about.. **added description as I had not heard of this before ***
The main emphasis is for your dog to enjoy itself ..
There are many toys and fun ideas on the web ..

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